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Platinum Discount Card

Every company spends a considerable budget to build and maintain its relationship with its employees, distributor or sales network and ends up gifting various kinds of rewards/incentives to them; it involves organizing dinners, sending gifts, gifting vacations and so on.

We present to you the ultimate discounter “Platinum Discount Card” which you may use to gift to your target audience and spoil them with amazing benefits, privileges and discounts it offers to its bearer. You may gift Platinum Discount Card on the occasion of Diwali, New Year, Company Annual Day or some other occasion.

“So, they would save each time they would spend at thousands of merchants listed with us”
1. Be it having a luxurious dinner or a power breakfast with a client, family or friends; they would enjoy great discounts at restaurants and night clubs across India by just flashing Platinum Discount Card.
2. Get pampered at most sought after beauty chains
3. Get crazy discounts when they wish to start working out at top health clubs of their city and a lot more..